We Are the Temple of God

Here is a fine article from the Newburyport News in Newburyport, Massachusetts about preparing oneself for prayer.  Rev. Maranville makes an important point that we often forget:  God seeks us so that “we might worship Him and He might strengthen us.”

This is an important concept to grab onto and I wonder if the established church falls short by not teaching this often enough.  How many people say they can’t accept Jesus as their Savior because they need to clean up their act first?  The fact is, there is nothing we can do on our own to become “good enough” to approach God ask Him to become the master of our life.

The only way that we can approach God is to sincerely ask for the forgiveness of our sins.  Once we do that, we can approach God in prayer.

Reverend Maranville has said a great deal in this short newspaper article and it is worth reading.  Read, especially, how we ought to approach prayer, itself — in belief and expectancy.

You can find it through the following link:

God’s house: a place of prayer and purity – NewburyportNews.com, Newburyport, MA.

Happy reading, and God bless.

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