Think for Yourself!

In my last post, I very briefly related the content of The Spiritual Man by Watchman Nee. Just prior to pushing the “Publish” button, I happened across these words in New International Encyclopedia of Biblical Words (Zondervan, 1998) under the entry for “Soul and Spirit”:

“Soul” and “Spirit” are important biblical concepts that make distinctive statements about humanity. They should not, however, be taken as sharply defined expressions of some tri- or bipartite division of human nature.

Watchman Nee specifically talks about the tripartite nature of man — the body, the soul and the spirit — so my radar went up. But, I was excited to have found out more about the spiritual side of man, so I published it anyway. At the same time, I realized that I needed to see exactly what Nee was all about.

Some critics of Nee have seen doctrinal conflicts, which should always concern us. We do not want to add or subtract from the word which God has provided to us. But we need to realize that some who make the accusations could also be indoctrinated into a legalistic approach to Christianity and therefore: “If the founding fathers of my denomination didn’t see it in the Scripture then it ain’t there!”

Others who have been critical in the past, now have reversed their stance. Read this article from Christianity Today.

I could see nothing in what I had written in that post that would go against the teachings of the Gospels as written by the four apostles and Paul and I still don’t see any conflicts.

All this brings up a good rule to follow: Never take anyone’s word at face value –not mine, not your teacher’s or professor’s, not even your Pastor’s — always do your own research! This is especially important in matters concerning your spiritual and everlasting life — but it is also important in the mundane things of life: politics, sciences, social issues, or whatever. Too often people have an agenda that benefits them and they don’t mind leading others astray so they can feel the power or the money or both.

Investigate for yourself! Think for yourself — always!

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