There and Back Again

Sounds like a Tolkien phrase, doesn’t it?  Well, it is – at least a close approximation. Wasn’t it the title of a book that Bilbo Baggins was writing of the journey during which he discovered the ring.

I have just returned from a two week vacation near the coast of Oregon and am coming to grips with being back in the work-a-day world and schedules and routine.

My contributions to quietshout have always been in fits and starts and several weeks before leaving I began formulating ways of overcoming that tendency, trying to become more constant and consistent in article writing.  I think I was becoming relatively successful but the vacation threw a monkey wrench into the works and threw me off track.

The vacation was, in part, a necessary vacation.  Some business-related details had to be addressed, but since there were several facets to the details, they had to be addressed over a period of time.  These demanded attention at various times during the trip.

I did bring a laptop with the intent of doing some work, but the conditions were not conducive to writing.  It takes me some time to write a page about the Psalms or even to write a post, if I want to make it something that is not rambling and incoherent.  But more importantly, I need an environment that is relatively free of interruptions.  There were times available, but they were not many, nor were they for an extended period of time.  I suppose I could have slung my computer over my shoulder and hiked to the library, but I wanted to be friendly and see relatives that I hadn’t seen for a year or more, catching up on their activities and life.

So that’s what has been happening to me.  I do want to honor the time and effort you take to visit quietshout with a decent amount of new material posted in a timely manner and I think I have some interesting stuff coming up.

  • I have discovered a new resource for the Psalms, from my quick glance at it it looks to be pretty thorough with lots of good stuff;
  • there is a new (at least to me) writing software package out there that is free and it looks like it could be worthwhile for those of you who want to write fiction (perhaps even nonfiction? we’ll see);
  • there is another bible study software resource similar to e-Sword! that I would like to look into and tell you about;
  • I have a number of posts started that I think will stir some interest – I have been considering some of these for some time and now feel like I can take us down a proper track.  A couple of topics I want to expand on or introduce will be prayer and spiritual warfare;
  • and then, there is always that piece of scripture that grabs me, giving me ideas and insights that I haven’t  had before.

I do appreciate all your visits and I say, “Thank you one and all.”  Please do not be afraid to comment on something that grabs you one way or another.  I may or may not reply, don’t be offended if I do not.

Thank you for visiting. God Bless You.


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