The Draining Lake; Refuge for the Afflicted: New Pages

I have added a couple of new pages that you may like. The first is a book review about the latest release of Arnaldur Indridason’s book called The Draining Lake.

In this book, Erlendur and his team tackle another cold case of a murder victim whose skeleton was found as a result of the draining of a lake near Reykjavik. The cause of the draining was due to natural causes, but the death of the victim who had been tied to a piece of old Communist Bloc radio equipment was quite unnatural. The story is told in Indridason’s style of telling the story through the murderer’s memories to fill in the whole story for us.

We get a view of what it was like inside the Iron Curtain – about the life that students had as a result of being courted by Communist officials and finally how they discovered the flaws in the system and what happened to them when they strayed from the party line.

If you enjoy stories about spies during the Cold War Era, I think you’ll like this one – look for it here.

Refuge for the Oppressed and Afflicted — Psalm 9

It has been a long time since my last page about a Psalm, but here is the latest. It deals with the fact that God in on His throne and is ultimately in control. King David and his people are being attacked and he asks God for help in preserving his kingdom and the Israelites. He especially focuses on the fact that those who are oppressed and afflicted will find refuge in God if they acknowledge Him and give Him praise. Go here to read about Psalm 9.

Thank you.

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