Set Your Heart on Your Ways! – Haggai 1:5

Haggai 1:5,6

5“… But now,” thus says Adonai-Tzva’ot: “Set your heart on your ways! 6You sowed much but bring in little. You eat but are never satisfied. You drink but not enough to get filled. You put on clothes but no one is warm. And whoever earns wages works for a bag full of holes.”

“Set Your Heart on Your Ways”

The Lord speaks again, saying the people need to re-consider their priorities. It isn’t encouragement to remain on the path they are walking. He is telling them to analyze what they are doing and the path they are on.

He gives them some examples from their life: they invest much in their work, but there is little gain; they eat but are never satisfied; they drink, but their thirst is not quenched; in spite of having enough clothing, they are never warm enough; and the money they earn just doesn’t make ends meet and seems to go out as fast as it comes in. He is saying: Think! There must be a reason for this lack – what is it?

They Did Not Tend to Priorities

We’re going to see that it is because the Lord has removed His blessing from them because they were not watching their ways.

How about you? Do things in your life seem to be amiss right now? Do you have bills that you can’t pay? Is life just not going the way you thought it should? …  or would? Are you wondering why you can’t keep up with the bills, even with with a good paycheck?

I’ve been there and when I began placing trust in God, it got better. It wasn’t perfect; there were still troubles and shortages, but I felt safe. I was able to sleep better. I didn’t have that frantic feeling that my world was falling apart, and yes, I began to be able to paying the bills – sometimes miraculously.

Set Your Heart on Your Ways!

Think about your life: Are you giving God the prominence in your life that you should? He is your creator. He provides your every breath. He gives you inspiration to create; ideas that help you out of a bad situation; new ways of seeing the world around you; confidence to venture out in the work world the first day on the job and every day after that; he stirs the love in you that creates and maintains relationships with those at work, school, family, and church.

Are you maintaining your life and body that would be fit for the Lord of Heaven’s Armies to inhabit? Or are you abusing it with excessive consumption of alcohol or drugs? Are you over-eating and putting on weight because times are tough and food is comfort for you? Are you filling your heart with violence and hate? Are you imprinting your mind with pornography or other lusts?

Step back and review your life. Analyze and evaluate what you think, see, hear, taste and touch. The Lord asking you to “Set your heart on your ways.”

Then ask the Lord for help. Go to him just as you are – full of all sorts of baggage and dirty laundry, and ask him to cleanse you and help you. When you do this, do it with your whole and honest heart.

God bless you.

Thank you for reading.

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