Psalm 4 — Rest Well in spite of Turmoil

Posted a few days ago, I have a newstudy on Psalm 4. This is related to the previous Psalm in that it was written in the same time-span and has the same mood. David is still on the run from the armies his son, Absalom, has recuited.

David’s words to those who are pursuing him are essentially that the things they seek after are empty — they have no substance and they have been seduced by lies. He tells them that in the end they will only be disappointed by the failure of the idols they are following.

Psalm 4 gives us all good advice about those things we, ourselves, follow — how to approach God with our requests — what we should do to examine our motives — how we can once again walk in-step with God. Finally, when we do commit ourselves to God, we will be able to feel the Joy that David expresses.

Check out this and other pages on Psalms. Doing these studies has helped me to get a better handle on them and they are as relevant today as they were in David’s time.

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