Psalm 15 Just Published; also, A Possible Change to the Look

Psalm 15

Just published and I think it’s a good one. It took a while to get it out – sorry – but all the psalms seem to pose some sort of a challenge. I read it, think about it, re-read, consult commentaries and writings that others have done and finally come up with something that I think is interesting as well as important for us to know: What are the characteristics of those who abide with God now, on earth and later in eternity?

Check it out in the Psalms menu on the right.

A new look to the site!?

Yeah, well, maybe and then, not so much of a change. The theme will be the same, but I may be adding a static page. I think it will only affect the approach of those who come to the page through a generic search. If you click on a link in, say, a feed, you’ll bypass the front page.

Just a warning, though, not sure if I’ll incorporate it or not. I know I’ll be experimenting, so if you see something a bit different when you visit – you’ll know what’s going on.

Thanks for visiting! May the Lord Bless You All in Every Way.

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