Psalm 12 – God’s Word’s like Pure Silver

I published the Psalm 12 study this morning so I hope you will head over to the Pages section and check it out. On the one hand it is a petition asking that the faithful and godly people would be protected against the increase in number of ungodly.

On the other hand, it talks about words and speech. The ungodly use flattery and a deceptive heart as a means of gaining their goals, but the word of God is like silver that has been through the refiner’s fire seven times – that is to say it is pure, without any impurity, and full of truth.

It is a short Psalm, but has the elements of the godly being persecuted by the ungodly; it illustrates the actions and treachery of the ungodly; it shows us characteristics of a loving God toward His people; and we see how the Lord will safeguard His followers.

Thank you and God Bless.

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