Printer Friendly

A few weeks ago, my wife brought me a printout of one of the quietshout posts.  I was horrified to see that everything on the whole page had printed out – all the menus and sidebars and what-not.  It was very UGLY!  To those of you who may have printed something and ended up with a lot of wasted paper, I send my apologies. I immediately began working on a printer friendly feature.

I am proud to say that that has all been fixed!  I recently added code to the CSS page to make the site printer friendly.  It was easy to do – I followed a Docs article – and it worked just fine the first time!  I would like to have had it centered on the print-out page and I did fool around with it for a while, but was so happy with the initial results and the fact that I didn’t have to deal with a plug-in that I decided it was just fine the way it was after adding the code.

So there you go … .  One caution is this: you will notice the home page displays the last three posts – if you were to print the first post on the page, all three would print out.  To avoid this, just click on the title of the desired post so that it will display only that post and then print it out.

Thanks for reading!

God Bless!

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