Praise in Prayer

Praise is an important component of prayer.  Many psalms start off with a verse or two of praise before petitioning for  wants and needs.  It’s a great way to begin prayer. Psalm 18 is a psalm that is filled with praise.  I have just finished a page on this psalm and invite you to take a look at it.  It is long, but it is filled with praise and thanksgiving and describes the power and might of God.

Psychologically, praising God and His work in our lives puts us in a positive frame of mind because we are talking about the good that he has done for us.  It forces us to count the  blessings we have in Jehovah.  It reminds us about His power and might in the shadow of danger and reveals the solid rock we can cling to in the face of uncertainty.  Praise can take us back down the path to that high tower where we can find refuge and safety in the fortress of our Lord.

Relationally, praise improves our relationship with God. He loves to hear praise from us.  No, I don’t think He is narcissistic.  I think that when He hears praise coming from His people, He knows they understand who He is and where their protection, deliverance, and blessings come from.  If you are a parent, doesn’t it make you feel good when your child gives you a few words of praise?  What was it about the praise that made you feel good? Do you even know? Are you able to put you finger on the “Why”?

I think it has something to do with appreciation.

May Yahweh bless you and shower blessings and peace upon you.  Thank you for reading.




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