The Citizen’s Duty — Part 6

Romans 13:6 –
For because of this you also pay taxes, for rulers are servants of God, devoting themselves to this very thing.

Because we are subjects of a ruler, or government we are to pay our fair share of financial support to the government.   It is   not only out of fear of punishment by the authorities, but also because we have a conscience. In order for the government to be able to secure our safety, provide a peaceable life and provide for our general welfare, it needs financial backing. A government cannot run on good looks only. It cannot thrive only   because it has a great ideology — it needs financial backing.

The government needs money to fund the structure of the government itself — to pay those who work for the government — to secure the proper buildings to house the offices and departments it needs to do business. Government employees have plenty of jokes going around concerning them and in some cases these jokes function as the king’s jester did in medieval times — there is a certain amount of truth in their words. But by-and-large these people need to make a living and support their own families and communities, so we need to pay our taxes.

It is not only to compensate the workers in government for their time and talents. We in America are very fortunate to live in a society which is a society of law and order with police protection and fire protection. We as people who are benefiting by our society need to shoulder our fair share of the cost of running these programs.    They provide us with a stable society and are entitled to our support.

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