National Day of Prayer — May 5th

Tomorrow is the National Day of Prayer and I encourage you to participate with others around the nation, offering at least one small prayer for our nation.

Your prayer doesn’t have to be about the nation, but I am asking that you would include the nation in your prayer. The subject matter is up to you and many will be offering prayers for friends and family as well as for our country – and you know our country needs it.

The whole purpose is to get the citizens of this nation praying as a more or less single voice reaching to God.

I’d be interested in knowing who or what you are going to pray for – kind of my personal, unscientific poll. Perhaps it will be an inspiration to others, too. If you’d like just send a short comment to relay the information and I will post it.

Maybe this is something that could be continued with a submission of a prayer request and a separate page that is devoted to prayer requests. We could also post praise reports – prayers that have been answered. Don’t use full names if the request is for a friend or family member – first name or initials work best. I moderate all comments, so if there is too much information or if a full personal name is supplied I will edit.

The National Day of Prayer website has more information for you to check out.

Have a wonderful day.

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