God Moves in Writer’s Life

Joe Eszterhas is a successful writer of novels and 16 screenplays that explored the dark side of life, but in 2001 he had an encounter with God that changed his life.

He had been diagnosed with throat cancer and after an operation that removed most of his larynx he was told he had to quit smoking and drinking. A tough order for someone who had smoked for most of his life. At a time when it seemed he couldn’t take anymore, he broke down, crying and asked God for help. He prayed — something he hadn’t done in years — and God showed up and helped him defeat the habits of alcohol and tobacco.

As a result of his spiritual transformation, “he had had enough of death, murder, blood, and chaos.” He now has an appreciation for life. He has written a new book Crossbearer, which is to be published September 2nd which he considers “a thank you to God.”  The article can be found here: ‘Basic Instinct’ author writes book about faith.

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