Driving to Work — Listening to Novels

I drive about 45 minutes, one way, to work. This means that I spend about 90 minutes in the truck each day. It’s too long as far as I’m concerned, but it’s a good job and it pays well, so I just can’t see leaving it.  This is especially true in the present economic environment. The gas is killing me!

Usually, I listen to talk radio — I have a hearing condition that makes music nearly impossible to listen to when it is mixed with the road noise and the noise of vehicles passing me. No, I am not a pokey driver — most of them are lead-foots!  But it comes out to little more than noise for me. So as a change from the normal talk show routine, I borrowed a book on tape to listen to for a few of the trips.  I chose Stephen King’s Dreamcatcher.

It is a great story by a great writer, but I wish the language wasn’t so foul.

Stephen King has a way of making a person absolutely get into the lives of his characters so you love them, care for them and root for their well-being … or, you can’t stand the character and try to figure out how you can do him in yourself. This is what happened to me in “reading” Dreamcatcher.

The four main characters are all friends from childhood and while they are very rough and tumble in their activities and speech, they have huge hearts for one particular boy in their town. They rescue him one day from a group of three older kids who are tormenting the boy. He has Down Syndrome and can’t defend himself. They find they like him, so they befriend him, walking him to and from school each day, protecting him. This boy plays an important role in their lives and they are always bringing back their thoughts to him. He is an anchor for them. Their treatment of him is the one time in their lives that they really shone as human beings.

Well, I’ve strayed from my original intent of this post.  My intent was to caution you when you are driving and listening to a novel on tape or CD: watch your driving when the action gets tense!

I have a tendency to concentrate on the story and not on my speed. But while listening to this story, I looked at the speedometer and there I was at 70! I rarely go 60! It was an open road and I wasn’t exceeding the speed limit, but it’s kind of like falling asleep at the wheel — you never know it has happened until it’s nearly too late!

I am really enjoying Dreamcatcher. I don’t think the foul language is necessary and I don’t like the amount of it in the book, but the story is great. Wait … I’m going to amend that to say that the underlying story is great. It’s the revealing of the character of people that is the foundation of who they are and how they define themselves.

I can’t recommend the book if you are easily offended, but I am enjoying it.

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