Deliverance from Oppressors – Psalm 10

Psalm 10 is one of the longer Psalms that we have studied and it is one of the more interesting.  It is a Psalm that is filled with anguish at the injustices against the godly.  It is a Psalm that shows us the attributes of God and reveals the characteristics of the ungodly person.  It shows that the writer of the psalm was as frustrated then, as we are now, about how the ungodly oppressor is able to continue his ways throughout his life, and often beyond through family or agents.

I think you’ll find this an interesting psalm, so check it out on the Pages menu.  The ordering of the pages is a bit “gimpy” so you might have to look a bit for it, or you could simply go here.

I hope you enjoy it and that it will help you in your other Bible readings as well as Psalms.

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