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In my wanderings around the web, I sometimes happen across a website or two that pique my interest because of their usefulness.  That is just what I have for you today.  These two sites will find their way to your Favorites or Bookmarks and one of them may even find its way onto your desktop!

The first site …

I’d like to introduce to you is called Printable Paper owned by Savetz Publishing.  They claim to have in excess of 830 different papers that you can download and print — For FREE! It doesn’t get any better than that, folks.

At the left side of the home page is a list of all the categories of papers that are available such as Cornell Note Paper, Polar Graph Paper, Octagon Graph Paper, and Hexagon Graph Paper; they have Specialty Paper, Cartesian Graph Paper, Printable Teacher’s Resources, Knitting Graph Paper, Music Paper, a Storyboard Template and Score Sheets. The list goes on.

Check ’em out for all your paper needs. Remember: These papers are all copyrighted and there are restrictions with what you are allowed to do with the download or template.  (What it amounts to is this: Use it for personal, school, and business use, changing it as your needs dictate, but do not re-distribute or sell, etc. – that’s a nutshell overview, just so you don’t get scared away.) You will be required to read and understand the Terms of Use and indicate that you accept these terms before you are able to download the paper.  Please honor this. It is no mean feat to make this available and we need to respect the publisher’s rights. Thank you, Savetz Publishing.

The download is in PDF format so you will always have it when you need it.

The Second Website … and a really exciting one!

E-Sword is a free Bible study software that rivals expensive and sometimes hard-to-use offerings that are found in stores and on the web.  If you want to have an affordable (how can “free” NOT be affordable?) system that has resources for some in-depth study of the Bible, this is the one for you.

Click on the link in the previous paragraph to get to the home page.  This has an introduction and the author’s reason for publishing the software.  Go next to the features of E-Sword by clicking on the “Features” link  at the top of the page.  Some of those that stand out for my purposes are: 1) the ability to create your own Parallel Bible using the translations YOU choose, not what a publisher in New York thinks is best for you; 2) there is an editor right at you finger tips that allows you to take notes or write whole discourses on your studies, allowing you to preview what you want to print and to print it. Without looking, I think it prints to a Rich Text File that will allow you to open it in MS Word or Open Office; and 3) Strong’s definitions display as a tool tip!

There are many other features that I relish and depend on when I am reading and studying the Bible — and most of what you will see on the “Features” page will fulfill my needs in Bible software.

Next, go to “Downloads.”  You will see the main page change and offer more links to you in the body of the page.  Before following any of these, scroll further down the page and download “e-sword v9.7.2 application installation” or the most recent if given a choice.  I suggest you install it as soon as it is downloaded.  While not a problem with this download,  file names can sometimes be a little cryptic and notes, at the least, are required to get the proper order of installs.  This is actually the only download that needs to be installed first — because Bibles, Commentaries, and other resources need to be “plugged-in” to it.

Once the main program is downloaded, go back to the top of the page.  You will see a line of links beginning with “Bibles, Commentaries, Dictionaries, … .”  Click on the “Bibles” link first. This brings you to a page of all the Bibles that are available to you to download.  The first section are those that requires payment.  If you find one you can’t live without, click on the dollar sign ($) to discover a bit more about the bible and what the purchase amount is.  For the “Complete Jewish Bible” the fee is $14.95 or so.  I imagine most of the fees are in that neighborhood, but it would depend on the copyright owner.

Continue a scroll or two down the page and the free Bibles begin.  The software comes complete with the King James Version and the KJV with Strong’s numbers, so you don’t need those unless they become corrupted somehow.  But there are all sorts of Bibles — old and new, Greek and Latin, and if you continue farther down the page you’ll find Bibles in different languages.

When you have the Bibles you want, continue through the links listing to Commentaries and Dictionaries and so forth all the way top the end of the line.  Be sure to scroll all the way to the bottom of the page (some of the may be quite long) so you  are at least aware of what is available to you.  You don’t have to immediately decide what you want — you can always return and pick up another resource.  Keep notes on the file names and what they are so you are able to just go down the list when you are installing, checking off those that you have already installed.

Once you have downloaded and installed, you will have a Bible resource in your computer that only the best scholarly libraries of years past have had and that access to those resources in those years past has been restricted to learned men of letters.  I use this software almost exclusively, now.  I have other software that has different resources and if I want a special Bible or commentary, for instance, I am required to plunk-down some pretty significant bucks,  but it is more awkward to use and it does not have the editor feature built into it.

If I may … please note there is a “Donate” button located on the pages of this site.  If you feel the software is a benefit to you, perhaps a small donation could be made to support this effort.

The Small Print:

I absolutely must tell you that I have no connection with anyone at either of these sites.  I get no gain (monetary or otherwise) from writing about these products.  I bring them to you, because I know there are students out there who need resources to help them in their studies whether in the sciences or in the arts or in Universities and colleges, Bible Schools or Seminaries.

My only wish is that you will be able to get the understanding you need or the knowledge on how to get it, regardless of your study area.  (I will post these sites and some others that I have found interesting both in the Links section of and in a separate page.  The page will list the Bibles, Commentaries, and other resources that I chose to be plugged into E-Sword.)

God Bless Each and Everyone of You.


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