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Electronic Resources

The electronic resources are found in a Bible Study application by Logos Bible Software using the Libronix Digital Library System unless otherwise stated. I purchased the software at Costco some time ago and it has gone through some changes, including price changes (!), but is very good. You can find more information here: Logos Bible Software.  [6 Jan 2012 – Update] I have recently been absolutely captivated by “e-Sword” (for more than a year, actually).  It is free software and can be found here:

Barnes, Albert  Albert Barnes’ Notes on the Bible  (1798-1870)

Clarke, Adam  Adam Clarke’s Commentary on the Bible  (1715-1832)

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         Gill, John  John Gill’s Exposition of the Entire Bible   (1690-1771)

Henry, Matthew  Matthew Henry’s Commentary on the Whole Bible   (1662 – 1714)

Jamieson, Robert,  Fausset A.R., Brown, David   Commentary on the Old and New Testaments

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Vincent, Marvin R. Vincent’s Word Studies

Vine’s Complete Expository Dictionary Topic Finder. Nashville: Thomas Nelson, 1996. (Logos)

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