I started writing the quietshout blog to bring the good news of Jesus Christ to the net. Not that there weren’t many sites that do this already, I am hardly a blip on the Christian site radar, but I wanted to come from a different angle, focusing on things that weren’t always talked about or were talked about only briefly in articles. Like everything that is worthwhile, it takes some time to get to the proper subject matter.

My interests are many, so perhaps as experience has shown you, it is sometimes difficult to pin-down any one particular subject or set of subject matter to focus on, but with some trial and error I managed to settle into a couple of areas that I enjoy. Of course, if I had fully thought things out before hand it wouldn’t have taken so much time.

I have always been interested in writing and had tried my hand at it though-out my life and so I decided writing would be one of the focus areas. I am interested in those books that have a creative story line and I like to focus on authors whose names aren’t house-hold words. (Update 2013: I have moved away from this writing and instead focus on the Psalms. I may, from time to time, talk about a book or author, but that shouldn’t be expected.)

Another area is, of course, Christian studies (Update 2013: which has become a main focus). I chose Psalms because I like them, but also because they speak to all occasions. An added benefit is, to be honest about it, I can write about a single psalm and when I am done with it, the writing is complete  there is no carry-over from one post to the next. At the same time, the themes and language do carry-over from psalm to psalm, making a group of individual writings all part a whole.

A third area that interests me are those things that are rarely discussed in the organized church either because the leadership thinks it is too deep and involved for the common church-goer to understand or perhaps they don’t know about them either. I sometimes suspect that they think the information is like dynamite in the hands of the layperson  that if they spoke of certain subjects, the layman would revolt in one way or another and they would lose their base of support. I don’t necessarily think this comes from the individual pastor, but instead has been handed down through the years in the dogma and doctrine of a denomination and taught for generations in the seminaries and so the individual pastor is propagating only the information that the church founders want them to disseminate. [Note: As of the first quarter 2011, I haven’t really hit upon some of the more controversial stuff. I am concerned that I may lead someone astray and that is unacceptable. The Bible says that those who teach will be held to a higher standard when they meet their maker. I take that very seriously.]

Update, 2013: As in anything else, I have evolved the presentation spoken of in the previous paragraph into looking at interesting passages in scripture and presenting them with a short commentary.  The selection of a passage might come from a sermon I have heard or through reading the Bible.  These can be found under the various names of the books of the Bible in the Categories menu.

So there you have another little insight into who I am: while I do not subscribe to conspiracy theories, I get a kick out of reading about them  and that last second to the last paragraph above could be understood to be a conspiracy theory in certain circles.

As far as education is concerned, I have a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art. I did some post graduate work in electrical engineering, but realized that while I have an interest and a degree of aptitude in that area, I am really suited to the arts. Work-wise, I have been a janitor, a rough and finish carpenter, held a position in building maintenance and am now a cataloger in my local library.

I have played guitar for 40 some-odd years – self-taught, receiving tips here and there from other guitarists and from books and articles. My wife and I are lead musicians on our church’s worship team, she playing the keyboards and me on guitar or bass. In my college years I played several local coffee houses and toyed with the idea of performing professionally, but realized I really didn’t want to spend my evenings in front of an audience in what was likely to be a smoke-filled room. I also hold an Advanced Class amateur radio operators license and while I haven’t been on the air for a couple of years, I have plans to return to the air waves in very short order.

As far as my religion studies are concerned, I have almost a minor in religion  but then, almost only counts in horseshoes and atomic bombs, doesn’t it?

So even though I do not have a Doctor of Divinity or some such label, my heart is with the Lord and He has brought me through thick and thin, shown me things and talked to me in many different ways. I do rely heavily on the work of others:  commentaries, Bible dictionaries, various translations of the Bible and books and articles.

Update 2013: “I do rely heavily on the work of others … ” Not nearly as much as I did when I first started the site. Instead, I am becoming more and more confident in the direction the Lord is taking me and I wait to hear his voice. I have found that many of the commentaries and helps just seem to miss the mark after I have meditated on a passage.

I write this blog with the idea in mind that perhaps I can pass along some of my thoughts and interests to others while keeping in the will of God. My main concern is that you take do not take what I write only on my word, but that you begin to think for yourself  and question – and research on your own.

It is okay to question God on a particular issue you may be facing  just don’t question His judgment or His purpose or His Sovereignty. God is God and there are no words that we can use to describe Him or explain Him or His ways. Just know that He has our best interest in His heart and if we follow Him to the best of our ability He will redeem us and take us home to Him at the end of our days.

Update 2013: Don’t be afraid to ask questions of God! He loves you and He wants to be with you and he delights in hearing His children call upon Him. How will you know His ways if you don’t ask questions? Yes, reading the Word is a way, but even that leads to some questions that ask for clarification which only a direct word can reveal. If you think that He doesn’t speak to us today and that direct communication with Him was only intended for the Apostles or for Adam, Abraham, Isaac and Enoch then perhaps you should ask how real God is to you. Then, ask Him to reveal himself to you so that you can feel His presence.

May the Lord bless you in every way.


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