A Wonderful Prayer Site

Sacred Space just may be the place you need to jump-start your own prayer life or to help you develop the habit of praying regularly.  The site and prayers are focused on Roman Catholic traditions, but we need to remember that all Christians are related by our love and dedication to our Lord.

When you first enter the page there is a nice invitation to pray with a wide selection of languages from which to select, if that is an issue.  But I encourage you to investigate the whole page before entering into the prayer.

As you scroll down the page you’ll find links to other areas.  Check out Living Space, a blog style of web page that will guide you through various readings for the day. There is also a small explanation of some of the features they use.

The right sidebar of “Living Space” has a listing of readings for the weeks to come which is very nice.  I am not Catholic and I am a little lost in some of the references to Saints and holidays that are made, but I try not to let that deter me.  I hope it won’t deter you in exploring this site — if it brings you to God; makes you think about your relationship with God; brings you closer to God; or if it strengthens the faith you already have — it is worthwhile and good.

Farther down the page, there is a box entitled “Something to think and pray about this week.”  This pertains to issues in our lives and in the world around us.  Just below this is a link “Begin the Prayer.”  This will take you to the beginning of the prayer which is divided into six parts.  Each part is a short reading that stays visible on the page long enough for you to read it slow enough to really give it some thought, keeping in mind that your intent is to enter into communication with God.

Before you actually begin the prayer, though, scroll down just a bit farther and read a couple of short paragraphs about the structure of the prayers.  These will help you to understand the flow of the prayer.

Prayer is a pillar of Christianity

Every Christian should spend some time in prayer on a daily basis.  Another truth is: Every Christian will fall down in this endeavor.  It is through developing the habit of prayer that it becomes a desire to pray and commune with God.

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