A Prayer for Joy

Are you feeling depressed about the economy?  Are you uncertain about your circumstances when you hear about people, perhaps some that are close to you, who are losing jobs because of the economic situation?

I sometimes feel this.  I have a good job and a job that I love, but there have been budget cuts and some of us even volunteered to cut our hours so that others could remain employed.  Yes, I feel anxiety, even though I know my job is secure, at least for a while.

The key is to not let yourself become so “down” that you become paralyzed into inaction even when there are others around you who are “succeeding” when you, seemingly, are not. God has a plan for all His children and you are no different.  Perhaps He is implementing His plan for you.

Here is a fine article that might help bolster your attitude about yourself and about those around you.  While it doesn’t specifically address the anxiety that comes with losing a job or other economy-based anxieties, it does address the attitude that we can cultivate to make our life fuller in spite of hardships.

Taking Action is written by Rabbi Zelig Pliskin and featured in The Jewish World Review — a great site that addresses everything from politics to, well, personal well-being.  JWR also has a free newsletter to which you can subscribe and I enjoy receiving it.

I especially like the prayer that Rabbi Pliskin offers us in his article:

“My Father, My King, Creator and Sustainer of the universe,bless me with the trait of experiencing
joy for the joy of others. Let me experience this joy when I hear about the accomplishments of people I know and people I don’t know. Grant me the wisdom to know what my mission is in my life.
Grant me the inner peace of someone who is free from envy. Let me feel so good about myself that my self-image is never diminished because of the accomplishments of anyone else.”

May God bless you in every way this New Year.

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